Monday, September 26, 2011

Use your pearlie whites to show you care! SMILE!

Well, I guess everyone has to start somewhere, so here I am!  Welcome to my new blog!   My name is Gayle (affectionately known as GiGi) and I was born in South Bend, Indiana.  I was the only child of a Doctor (father) and Nurse (mother) and so naturally, I was well cared for!  Thus, at some point, I  became a caretaker at heart with a desire to help people. 

 I found an outlet for my passion in the dental industry where I was able to help others in an area where most people feel very uncomfortable.  I mean, who really likes someone else's fingers in their mouth!?!?  But, if someone HAS to have their fingers in your mouth.....isn't it more palatable when they're pleasant at the same time?

That's when my love for dentistry merged with my love for etiquette... As an etiquette consultant, I realized how much we as humans desire to be treated well by others.  I became aware that people could even love coming to the dentist if they were treated well.... more like a friend that a patient, if you will.  From fast food to bank exec... all businesses will expand and grow if employees are trained to be pleasant to others in any set of circumstances.

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